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Now you can make sure your booze is vegan while on the go!While it's not commonly advertised, many alcohol producers use animal derived products such as isinglass, derived from fish swim bladders, in the fining process when brewing their drinks. Unfortunately, this is rarely found on the finished products' labels and can make finding vegan friendly alcohol a bit of a headache!
Vgan uses data from the excellent Barnivore ( to tell you whether your booze is vegan friendly. All of their data is collected by contributors who have emailed the companies directly and received official confirmation as to whether their drinks contain any animal products.
It follows an easy to navigate red/yellow/green status scheme, for non-vegan/unknown or variable/vegan booze, so that you can now check your booze quickly while out and about.
This is the paid version of Vgan. There is also an ad-supported version available if you'd prefer that - just search for 'Vgan free' instead.
We hope you enjoy using the app, and can now save all of the alcohol related headaches for the next morning...